In “Trump’s Unpopular Budget,” Mark Mellman poses an important question—for whom is Trump’s budget proposal? Mellman notes that usually budget policies are supposed to be a reflection of the interests of the people, or at least close to it. Yet Trump appears to be drafting budget proposals that will do little to keep voters enthusiastic about their elected officials. In his article, Mellman cites a number of polls and panels where voters expressed spending priorities diametrically opposite to those being put forward now by President Trump. For instance, Mellman writes that a majority of Americans would like to see defense spending reduced, yet Trump proposes a healthy increase. The majority want to see more money going to public education and protecting the environment, whereas Trump proposes reductions in both. At the end of the day, Mellman says that it may be that Trump’s budget will be good news only for the democrats .

Trump’s Unpopular Budget was published in The Hill – Read the full article

Mark Mellman is a long-time political strategist, consulting to Members of Congress and Governors around the country. He is President of The Mellman Group.

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