Opening Western Borders to Refugees – Humanitarian Act or Global Risk?

Ari Harow – 

The population shift across most of Europe is staggering – Germany alone is preparing to absorb 800,000 refugees, and other European countries are following in its footsteps, but not all of Europe has been so quick to roll out the welcome mat. Slovakia and Hungary, for example, have refused to accept the EU quota for migrant absorption based on security threats that may arise from accepting thousands of unvetted Muslim refugees. Their concerns are not unfounded. Elias Bousaab, the Lebanese education minister maintains that two out of every 100 refugees are actually Islamic State fighters who are taking advantage of the situation.

Ari Harow – former Chief of Staff to Israeli Prime Minister Binjamin Netanyahu and prominent strategic advisor – believes the problem should be fixed at its source. In the following Los Angeles Times article Harow claims that while welcoming refugees with open arms may seem like the humanitarian thing to do, the true solution lies in devising a policy to end the terrorism causing the crisis.

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