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In an article published recently in the Algemeiner, Ari Harow and Richard Kemp lay out a complex map of global challenges waiting for the new American President. They describe a world in chaos, with radical Islam advancing unchecked across the Middle East and Europe. The UN, as they see it, has lost its way and is no longer functioning according to its founding principles, instead incubating dictatorships and terror. Even the US is not immune and it has a formidable task lying ahead – to be the moral leaders, to bring the world back from the brink of collapse. All eyes are on America now, they say, and on the new President. Will campaign rhetoric become reality?

“The Next US President Must Restore America’s Leadership on the World Stage” was originally published in the Washington Times. Ari Harow was Chief of Staff to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Richard Kemp served as head of the UK Prime Minister’s office of international terrorism intelligence.

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