About Mark Mellman

Mark Mellman is a highly respected public opinion researcher, a political strategist and a communications specialist. He provides sophisticated strategic advice based upon objective research and assessments of on-the-ground trends within the geopolitical environment around the world. He has been honored three times by the American Association of Political Consultants as “Pollster of the Year”. New Republic describes him as “a leading democratic technologist” and Roll Call has referred to him as one of the most influential people in Washington for his prowess in getting candidates into office.

Mark Mellman currently serves as CEO of Mellman Group, a polling and political strategy consulting group. He has provided strategic advice to dozens of political leaders, public interest groups and Fortune 500 companies.

Professional History

Mellman received his undergraduate degree in political science from Princeton University, and his graduate degree in political science from Yale. He began his political polling career while still a graduate student in 1981, helping Bruce M & Associates, which later became Mellman Group in 1986.

Mellman has served as political strategist and pollster to at least 18 US Senators, eight governors, two dozen members of the House and numerous statewide politicians. He has a long-term relationship as strategic advisor and consultant to the Majority Leader of both Houses of Congress. During the Bush Administration, he was a consultant for the US Department of Justice and Department of Labor.

Mellman’s Senate clients include: Barbara Boxer, Maria Cantwell, Carl Levin, Daniel Akaka, and Frank Lautenberg. Members of the House who have turned to his sage insights and advice include: Dan Kildee, Sander Levin, John Barrow, Anne Kuster and Jim Langevin. Among gubernatorial candidates who have retained Mark Mellman are Jim Doyle, Jennifer Granholm and Jon Corzine.

Going Global

Mellman has also become known as the go-to guy for political strategy in the international community. Among his worldwide client base are Costa Rica, Great Britain, Israel, Uruguay, and Republic of Georgia. He served as political strategist to the President of Colombia, Cesar Gaviria, and as chief political strategist and pollster for Yair Lapid, helping him take his party Yesh Atid from zero seats to second largest party in Israel in only one year.

Corporations and nonprofit organizations must operate in a globally connected, digital, and rapidly shifting environment. Mark Mellman has been successful in providing his extensive clientele with ground-breaking research and expert analyses of operating environments, enabling them to maximize the advantages of online marketing, communications, fundraising, organizing and sales. His corporate clients have included MGM Resorts, Coca Cola, United Airlines and Intuit. Public interest groups such as the National Environmental Trust, Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, American Cancer Society, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, AFL-CIO and League of Women Voters have all gained from Mark Mellman’s political strategic advice.

Media – Writing and Consulting

Mellman is a frequent opinion writer on the Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times. He also writes a weekly column for the widely read and respected newspaper The Hill, which covers political issues relevant to the US Congress. Additionally, he serves as political consultant to media outlets such as PBS and CBS, providing analyses on trending political events of the day.

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