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Ari Harow is a globally-renowned political strategist, who has worked alongside and advised Presidents and Prime Ministers across the world. He has developed an international reputation for constructing strategies which deliver meaningful change through policies and campaigns. Harow is the Founder and CEO of Sheyaan Consulting, a political strategy consulting firm.


Harow was born in California, but immigrated with his family to Israel in 1985. Following high school graduation, he completed mandatory military service in the IDF’s Golani infantry unit, before returning to the United States to pursue higher education. Having graduated from City University, New York, he then returned to Israel to complete a Master’s degree in Political Science at Tel Aviv University.

During a later spell in the United States, Harow headed the non-profit organization, American Friends of Likud, where he became deeply involved in the political landscape in both Israel and America. It was during this period that he was recruited as Foreign Affairs advisor to Benjamin Netanyahu.

Career Overview

Ari Harow was appointed Bureau Chief to Netanyahu and as such became one of the closest advisors to the Prime Minister in one of the most complex political environments on earth. In particular, Harow was a key advisor on foreign affairs, helping navigate the intricacies of international politics and diplomacy.

Following a spell in the private sector, Harow returned to Netanyahu’s office to serve as the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff, overseeing all aspects of operations as the premier’s right-hand man. He stepped down from the role in 2015, in order to manage Netanyahu’s successful re-election campaign. The critically acclaimed strategy employed by Harow has become a textbook model for running an innovative, winning election campaign. .

Harow has also achieved impressive private sector success. As founder of 3H Global, and more recently Sheyaan Consulting, he has worked closely with political leaders from across the world, helping them to achieve both electoral success and long-term achievements in office. Notably, Harow helped construct the campaign which brought President Horatio Cartes to power in Paraguay. The campaign revolved around a clear and well-communicated policy framework, which then formed the basis of Cartes’ successful ‘100-day plan’ during his initial period in power.

Harow has developed a reputation for innovation in the world of political strategy and campaigning. In particular, his ability to activate grass-roots communities and the effective use of digital media have become hallmarks of Harow’s work.

Ari Harow
CEO of Sheyaan Consulting

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Ari Harow
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