Political strategist - Ari Harow

America Needs to Reverse its Course of Disengagement from the World

America Needs to Reassert its Moral Leadership in the World

In “Restoring America’s Leadership of the Free World”, an opinion piece published months before the 2017 US presidential elections, political consultant Ari Harow emphasizes the importance of America’s role in leading the Western world in the war against radical Islam and terrorism. Harow urges the next president to put words into action, rather than allowing

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Political strategist - Baby boomer

What is the Future of Republicans in the New America?

A massive shift in demographics is shaping the future of the American electorate, but the Republican candidates seem to be unaware of the implications. This is the case put forward by Stanley Greenberg in his article, “I’ve Seen America’s Future and it’s not Republican.” Greenberg notes how disconnected the candidates seem to be from the core of voter attitudes. He observes that the America of today is not like it was, especially with the cultural influence of millennials and an enormous influx of foreign-born residents. Greenberg says that the core electorate has become secular and more racially and culturally blended, forming a new political identity, the beginnings of which could already be seen as early as 2004. Greenberg suggests that Republicans may be able to hold on to a few conservative sectors in the country, but it will not be enough to elect a Republican president.

“I’ve Seen America’s Future and it’s not Republican” ran in the Guardian – Read the full article

Stanley Greenberg is a well-known political strategist, pollster and researcher. He is the author of America Ascendant: A Revolutionary Nation’s Path to Addressing Its Deepest Problems and Leading the 21st Century.

Political strategist - Obama

Was Barack Obama Bad for Democrats?

Stanley B. Greenberg –

In the New York Times article, “Was Barack Obama Bad for Democrats” political strategist Stanley Greenberg brings proof that the old adage—it’s the economy stupid—really does trump all. Greenberg suggests that in spite of rescuing a failing economy, downsizing the country’s military presence abroad, passing the Affordable Care Act and committing the

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Political strategist - First things first

President Trump’s Priorities

Mark Mellman – 

In “First Things First?” Mark Mellman observes that thus far, all of President Trump’s initiatives to fulfill campaign promises have been low-level priorities for the majority of the American people. For instance, Mellman says that according to Gallup polling, only 34 percent of Americans feel that a hiring freeze on federal employees is important,

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