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Personality vs. Circumstances

Mark Mellman – 

Political strategist Mark Mellman helps us understand two competing ways to predict election outcomes, and the peril of favoring one over the other. In his article, “The candidate or the circumstances,” Mellman notes that based on polls and personality, Hillary Clinton was predicted to win the presidential race. But, according to Mellman there is more at play than character. He suggests that circumstances are a critical factor that has the power to sway an outcome.

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Why Did Pollsters Like Me Fail to Predict Trump’s Victory?

How Did We Not See It Coming?

Stanley B. Greenberg – 

Political strategist and pollster Stanley Greenberg sets out to answer the big question: how did the pollsters get it wrong? According to the polls, Hillary Clinton was supposed to win. In his article “Why did pollsters like me fail to predict Trump’s victory?” which originally appeared in the Guardian, Greenberg lays out all the hard evidence that rightly pointed to a Clinton victory. She was ahead in the polls, especially after the convention in which she joined voices with Sanders and Warren to declare a mission to make the economy work for

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