Political strategist - Ari Harow

America Needs to Reverse its Course of Disengagement from the World

America Needs to Reassert its Moral Leadership in the World

In “Restoring America’s Leadership of the Free World”, an opinion piece published months before the 2017 US presidential elections, political consultant Ari Harow emphasizes the importance of America’s role in leading the Western world in the war against radical Islam and terrorism. Harow urges the next president to put words into action, rather than allowing

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Political strategist - Baby boomer

What is the Future of Republicans in the New America?

A massive shift in demographics is shaping the future of the American electorate, but the Republican candidates seem to be unaware of the implications. This is the case put forward by Stanley Greenberg in his article, “I’ve Seen America’s Future and it’s not Republican.” Greenberg notes how disconnected the candidates seem to be from the core of voter attitudes. He observes that the America of today is not like it was, especially with the cultural influence of millennials and an enormous influx of foreign-born residents. Greenberg says that the core electorate has become secular and more racially and culturally blended, forming a new political identity, the beginnings of which could already be seen as early as 2004. Greenberg suggests that Republicans may be able to hold on to a few conservative sectors in the country, but it will not be enough to elect a Republican president.

“I’ve Seen America’s Future and it’s not Republican” ran in the Guardian – Read the full article

Stanley Greenberg is a well-known political strategist, pollster and researcher. He is the author of America Ascendant: A Revolutionary Nation’s Path to Addressing Its Deepest Problems and Leading the 21st Century.

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Operation protective edge - Ari harow

Strategic Analysis of Operation Pillar of Defense

Ari Harow – In “The Right Choice for a Safer Future”, published in the Jerusalem Post, November 2012, Ari Harow provides a compelling analysis of the complex elements involved in Operation Pillar of Defense, which had taken place a few weeks earlier. Acknowledging the many points of view, criticisms and second-guessing by members of the political and

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Political strategist - Obama

Was Barack Obama Bad for Democrats?

Stanley B. Greenberg –

In the New York Times article, “Was Barack Obama Bad for Democrats” political strategist Stanley Greenberg brings proof that the old adage—it’s the economy stupid—really does trump all. Greenberg suggests that in spite of rescuing a failing economy, downsizing the country’s military presence abroad, passing the Affordable Care Act and committing the

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Political strategist - First things first

President Trump’s Priorities

Mark Mellman – 

In “First Things First?” Mark Mellman observes that thus far, all of President Trump’s initiatives to fulfill campaign promises have been low-level priorities for the majority of the American people. For instance, Mellman says that according to Gallup polling, only 34 percent of Americans feel that a hiring freeze on federal employees is important,

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Us Elections

Personality vs. Circumstances

Mark Mellman – 

Political strategist Mark Mellman helps us understand two competing ways to predict election outcomes, and the peril of favoring one over the other. In his article, “The candidate or the circumstances,” Mellman notes that based on polls and personality, Hillary Clinton was predicted to win the presidential race. But, according to Mellman there is more at play than character. He suggests that circumstances are a critical factor that has the power to sway an outcome.

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Trumps victory - Political stratigist

Why Did Pollsters Like Me Fail to Predict Trump’s Victory?

How Did We Not See It Coming?

Stanley B. Greenberg – 

Political strategist and pollster Stanley Greenberg sets out to answer the big question: how did the pollsters get it wrong? According to the polls, Hillary Clinton was supposed to win. In his article “Why did pollsters like me fail to predict Trump’s victory?” which originally appeared in the Guardian, Greenberg lays out all the hard evidence that rightly pointed to a Clinton victory. She was ahead in the polls, especially after the convention in which she joined voices with Sanders and Warren to declare a mission to make the economy work for

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Are Islamic Terrorists Taking Advantage of the Refugee Crisis?

Opening Western Borders to Refugees – Humanitarian Act or Global Risk?

Ari Harow – 

The population shift across most of Europe is staggering – Germany alone is preparing to absorb 800,000 refugees, and other European countries are following in its footsteps, but not all of Europe has been so quick to roll out the welcome mat. Slovakia and Hungary, for example, have refused to accept the EU quota for migrant absorption based on security threats that may arise from accepting thousands of unvetted Muslim refugees.

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