Ari Harow – In “The Right Choice for a Safer Future”, published in the Jerusalem Post, November 2012, Ari Harow provides a compelling analysis of the complex elements involved in Operation Pillar of Defense, which had taken place a few weeks earlier. Acknowledging the many points of view, criticisms and second-guessing by members of the political and military establishment, as well as the general public, Harow proffers that in fact the Operation had achieved its objectives and was a success. While many were eager at the time to launch a ground offensive, Harow writes that the danger of such an operation would have resulted in high casualty levels, protracted engagement, and condemnation from the international community. Ultimately, he says, a crucial goal was met—safety for Israel’s citizens, particularly those living in the south for whom daily rocket attacks had become an insufferable part of life. While much has happened since 2012 in this dynamic arena, Harow’s article remains relevant and offers an interesting perspective on defense strategies and their political implications.

Ari Harow is CEO of 3H Global and former bureau chief to Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu.

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