America Needs to Reassert its Moral Leadership in the World

In “Restoring America’s Leadership of the Free World”, an opinion piece published months before the 2017 US presidential elections, political consultant Ari Harow emphasizes the importance of America’s role in leading the Western world in the war against radical Islam and terrorism. Harow urges the next president to put words into action, rather than allowing campaign speech about a new America to become empty rhetoric. He shows us how the previous administration pursued a hands-off approach, creating a vacuum that has been filled by Jihadists’ intent on replacing Western civilization with Shariah law. Harow says that it does not matter so much which candidate emerges victorious in the elections, Trump or Clinton, the 45th President will have to assume the great responsibility of saving democracy.

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Ari Harow has considerable experience in politics and campaigns. He was chief of staff to Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s PM and has served as consultant to many political campaigns.

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